Everything You want to know About Aesthetic Clinics in Dubai

Are you Looking for Aesthetic Clinics with World-Class Services in Dubai?

Hortman Clinics in Dubai is a perfect place where you can experience a tailor-made treatment based on your individual needs.
We pride ourselves on providing safe approaches, renowned experts, and the latest innovations and technologies.
Hortman Clinics was born from a unique vision to transform aesthetics, wellness, and health programs and procedures into personalized experience journeys. From the moment we welcome our guests to our state-of-the-art facility, we take them on a journey. A journey during which we endeavor to inspire them to live a healthier, more balanced, and elevated life. Led our medical excellence specialists, each program and every procedure is designed with our guests’ distinctive goals at its center, ensuring a personalized approach towards achieving the most optimal results in aesthetics, wellbeing, and health. Our cutting-edge medical technologies and carefully selected products empower our specialists to provide our guests with life-changing medical care. With warmth and authenticity, our attentively selected team is dedicated to discovering our guests’ unique aspirations and guides them at every single step, making every moment of their journey with us one that they will treasure. Hortman Clinics will be their aesthetics, wellness and health destination where they will revive their beauty, rebalance their wellbeing and restore their health.

Offering a personalized approach to achieving your unique aspirations, our aesthetic programs and procedures are created with a holistic perspective to ensure your most optimal results. Utilizing attentively sourced products and cutting-edge technologies, our medical excellence specialists are taking care of you at each step throughout your journey, whether you are seeking to simply improve that specific something or aiming to slow down time.
The Hortman  aesthetic clinics in Dubai which offers numerous facials – Hortman Signature Facials, Valmont Rituals, Microcurrent with Neurotris, DMK enzyme Oxygen Facial, Hydracool Plus Signature Facial, Dermalux Flex MD LED light therapy, Chemical Peels, Fire and Ice Facial.


Our top aesthetic treatments are:
• Face cosmetic surgeries: Face and neck gradually lose firmness and elasticity with ageing resulting in sagged and drooping skin. An effective solution to this problem is provided through numerous face cosmetic treatment procedures.
• Body cosmetic surgeries: Enhancement of body shape and contour can be possible through body cosmetic surgery. This treatment focuses on the stubborn fat accumulated in your buttocks, breasts, thighs, and other parts getting rid of them quickly.
• Breast cosmetic surgeries: Breast cosmetic surgeries aid in uplifting breasts. The treatment provides desirable breast shape, which is often lost during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or even during ageing process in women.
• Anti-aging non-invasive treatments such as fillers, skin boosters, botox, and threads.
• General and cosmetic dentistry and Oral hygiene services.
• Obstetrics and Aesthetic Gynaecology
• Dietetics and nutrition services.
• IV therapy with home service available.