Drive Medical Mobility Scooters

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is a vertically integrated business whose goal is to design, develop and manufacture products that change people’s lives positively. The company’s primary focus is to produce durable medical equipment, establishing the standards for future manufacturers of such products while fulfilling the ever-increasing demands of its clients.

Since the introduction of this company in 2000, their customer base has expanded to diverse sectors. Independent purchasers, chain store retailers, and wholesalers are some of the common Drive Medical customer bases. Recently, the business has ventured into Acute Care and Long-Term Care. As a result, home health care sales continue to increase, which are backed a nationwide sales team.

Here are some of the Drive Medical travel scooters:

1. Drive Medical Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter

This heavy-duty travel scooter is unique and stylish. It has several features that distinguish it from the rest, including:

The Tiller

The one-touch, limitless tiller angle adjustment on this stylish mobility scooter makes it simple for the user to find the optimal driving posture. Additionally, it is appropriate for those with limited strength as the delta control grips make operating easy.

Front and Rear Suspensions

Having to ride around and feel all of the bumps on the road may be uncomfortable. For this reason, this power scooter has these suspensions that give you a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain.

The Seat

The Cobra GT4 is equipped with a spacious 22-inch wide captain’s seat that is height adjustable. It also swivels to allow for easy movement on and off the seat. Also available are fold-down and reclining functions, as well as the ability to slide forward or backward to put users in the optimum driving posture possible for their comfort level.

2. Drive Medical Scout 4 Compact Travel Power Scooter

This scooter gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you want at an affordable price while enjoying the premium features of a modern power travel scooter. Additionally, it has a unique appearance with color-through panels that help hide scuff marks.

Additional features include:

The Light Weight and Ease of Operation

The Scout 4 power travel scooter weighs about 300 pounds, allowing it to accommodate diverse users. Furthermore, it has several features that make it suitable for indoor use, including a 53.75-inch turning radius for easy maneuverability.

Unique Design and Comfort

The rider’s comfort was a priority in the design of this Drive scooter. The chair is adjustable, with padded seats and armrests, making it comfortable to sit on.

3. Drive Medical ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter

If a travel scooter that can fold and unfold in 15 seconds using a wireless key fob seems appealing to you, keep reading. The ZooMe Auto-Flex folding mobility scooter is lightweight, making it very portable. Below are some of its special features:

Easily Foldable

Folding and unfolding a scooter of this kind might be challenging for certain individuals. The Drive Medical manufacturers had this in mind when they made this product. ZooMe Auto-Flex includes two ignition keys and a key fob that helps it to fold and unfold at the push of a button easily.

The Battery Range

The ZooMe Auto-Flex, a top folding mobility scooter comes with a convenient and efficient battery as you can cover up to 13.5 miles on a single charge. The battery is also detachable from the scooter for ease of folding.

Safety Features

Safety is crucial for a mobility scooter user. That is why this power scooter has both the front and back reflectors for a safe ride, especially at night.

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