6 Tips for Housebreaking Your New Puppy

Have a new puppy and need some assistance with the housebreaking? We’ve got some tips for you! Did you adopt a new pup without having the slightest clue on how and when to start house training?


We came up with six tips you can use to start your furry friend on the right track!

1. Pet Relief Edibles

We all know that adopting a new member of the family can be a stressful time for all those involved. While your puppy is trying to adjust to the new environment, it may be beneficial to give them CBD-infused edibles! Dogs of all ages can have CBD for dogs, and your furry friend could easily benefit from eating edibles daily. These treats are superfood supplements that can help calm your pup when the housebreaking process gets tough to handle.

2. Follow a Routine

It’s important to establish a daily routine, one that you and your pup can follow with ease. When you wake up in the morning, make sure you take your puppy out for an early-morning walk. Your puppy has most likely been holding their bladder throughout the night, so it’s important to take them out as soon as they wake up—that way you ensure no “special gifts” are left for you in the morning. When first starting housebreaking, it’s recommended to take the puppy out every hour or so; you want your puppy to get a feel for how often they may have to go. After some time has passed, you can start tailoring times based on how frequent urination is. Also, make sure to take the dog outside to the same spot—their scent will help remind them to go!

3. Watch for Signs

In almost all situations, your dog will show little signs to indicate that they need to go to the bathroom. Whether it’s barking, scratching at the door, sniffing the floor, or pacing back and forth, respond to the sign taking your dog outside. If you were trying to avoid these signs, it’s possible that your pet will have no choice but to go in the house.

4. Set Mealtimes

Dogs usually want to go to the bathroom after eating a meal. Therefore, it’s essential to set mealtimes in stone when you know you’ll have to take the dog outside almost directly after eating. This goes for snack times as well. It’s recommended to create a schedule, that way you can figure out what times should be dedicated to your pup’s needs.

Housebreaking Your Puppy: Do's And Don'ts - Cesar's Way

5. Accidents Happen

Accidents happen! When you notice an accident at home, you shouldn’t scold your new puppy. Instead, clean up the mess quickly—that way the smell is gone before the puppy thinks the spot is their new potty area. If you catch your puppy in the act, instantly redirect them outside to complete their business. When you yell at your new buddy, they’ll only get confused, and such could cause more messes in the home. Or, even worse, your dog could fear going to the bathroom in front of you. You must have patience during these times, for housebreaking cannot be perfected in a day.


6. Rewards

When your pup goes to the bathroom outside, praise the behavior with affirmations and a pat on the back. You want to encourage good behavior so your dog goes outside comfortably and often. Wait until they are finished doing their business before giving them praise. Since puppies have short attention spans, they may forget what you’re praising them for if you act too quickly.