A Clean CPAP Restores Quality Sleep

CPAP Machines Restores the Quality of Sleep

Many do not know the joy a good night sleep brings to a person however anyone that has sleep apnea understands it. Sleep apnea causes people to wake up several times an hour gasping for air and it triggers acid reflex while you are sleeping which is scary. There is nothing more terrifying than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking that you are dying, because your esophagus collapsed and blocked your airway. There are many people diagnosed with sleep apnea and have learned that this condition does not have to be a death sentence. A CPAP machine is the answer to most severe cases of sleep apnea. This machine takes the air from in your room purifies it and pumps it into you via a face mask over your nose. It provides oxygen during your sleep which allows a person to rest without waking up several times. It is simple to use once it calibrated for your breathing pattern however the machine must be kept clean.

Cleaning a CPAP Machine

The old CPAP machine use to be a big bulky apparatus that was the size of a desktop computer. It had several parts to it including a face mask, filter and a humidifier. In order to clean the machine every part had to be dissembled and sterilized in a sink using vinegar and water. This required sterilizing the sink before you put the parts in it. The machine improved the quality of sleep but keeping the parts clean was laborious. These machines were expensive, so it is not surprising that many people still use the bulky machines because they never upgraded to a newer one. Technology has change and now, there are more affordable options to get a CPAP machine and cleaner. In fact, you can purchase a CPAP machine and cleaner altogether instead of purchasing the apparatus and then going to the grocery store to get the vinegar to keep it sterile.

CPAP Machine and Cleaning Device

The advances in technology has help us tremendously taking the hard labor out of cleaning the CPAP. The machine comes in smaller sizes which makes it easier to travel with it. A CPAP machine and cleaning device can be compatible now in the sense that it no longer requires dissembling the machine fully in order to clean it. There are new devices that use Ozone and UV light to sterilize CPAP accessories. It simple as putting your accessories in a small container and the device will do the rest. Sleep Apnea is not a death sentence and due to technology, the quality of a great night sleep has been restored.