5 Best Solutions For Hair Loss

Losing anywhere from 50 to 150 hairs per day is considered normal, but when you start losing more than that it becomes problematic, not to mention visibly noticeable.

Such a common problem among both and women, it’s unsurprising that so many people look for hair loss remedies far and wide.

The good news is that with lifestyle changes to reduce stress, dietary improvements and the use of other natural hair loss remedies you can improve hair growth fast.

Let us start with the noninvasive and safe step anyone can take, and that is switching to a new all natural shampoo.

Biofolic Shampoo

Biofolic Shampoo is a special blend of seaweed, algae and 11 medicinal herbs and grains will give your hair and scalp all the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth.

It can greatly help against itchiness removing dandruff and sebum.This product has been approved for medical use in prevention of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth.

Biofilic Shampoo consists of medicinal herbs, algae, seaweed and grains. Especially sea plants like algae and seaweed that contain large quantities of alginic acid and iodine which are necessary for the production of keratin, which is needed for growing new hair and helps accelerate the growth itself.

Existing extraction methods come with limitations and that is why Biofolic is created using the revolutionary nano extraction technique. By reducing loss of important components and improving their absorption at the same time, BiofolicTonic helps stop hair loss and stimulate growth of new hair. This technology also allows the best use of raw materials and highest possible absorption in the body.

Biofolic Hair Growth Shampoo is completely safe, non-invasive, and has zero adverse effects, and that makes it a perfect choice for all hair types, both male or female. Biofolic has a good, balanced formula, prevents hair loss, promotes growth and fights dandruff and sebum. It is rare to find all of the needed components of a truly great shampoo in one practical bottle, yet here it is and it is our choice of the day.

Food intake

A whole foods, nutrient-rich diet is crucial to supporting healthy hair growth. There are many food choices that can help to fend off hair loss:

Choose these foods because they’re free of chemicals. Chemicals can act as endocrine disrupters interfering with hair growth.

Pumpkin seeds are one of the top foods high in zinc, which is necessary for healthy hair health. Research has also shown that a zinc deficiency is linked with hypothyroidism and hair loss.

Wild-caught fish like salmon are high in omega 3 fats, which decrease inflammation while supporting hair growth and hair thickening.

Green tea helps promote detoxification and contains antioxidants that promote hair growth. It also may stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

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Chia, flax and hemp seeds are high in fiber and healthy fats that can help aid hair growth.High in protein, collagen and amino acids, bone broth is the perfect food for encouraging healthy hair growth.

Not technically a food but caffeine has been show to spur hair growth. According to research, caffeine stimulates hair shafts and helps them grow faster, damping down the effects of DHT, a substance that infamously slows hair growth.

Vitamin supplements

Oils rich in different fatty acid species have been used extensively in both animal and human studies to evaluate the effects on skin and hair health. Omega-3 fats nourish the hair, support hair thickening and reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss, which is why fish oil benefits hair and is one of the top six vitamins for hair growth.

Oral zinc compounds have been used for decades for treating disorders such as telogen effluvium and alopecia areata, forms of hair loss. Zinc is an essential co-factor for multiple enzymes and is involved with important functional activities in the hair follicle. Zinc is also a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression, and it accelerates hair follicle recovery.

Biotin and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) have been used as alternative treatments for hair loss. It benefits your hair rebuilding hair shingles that have been damaged from over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, blow-drying and ironing. Vitamin B5 supports the adrenal glands, which helps stimulate hair growth.

Minoxidil / Rogaine

Many doctors don’t like to prescribe pills to fix skin problems, they prefer topical treatments. Many doctors will tell you to try the one and only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss, which is Minoxidil. This drug was invented to treat high blood pressure, but causes extra hair growth as a side effect. Someone figured out that instead of ingesting it, applying it to skin can make hair grow.

Research is showing that a 5% concentration solution of Minoxidil is more effective than 2%. Although to shows promise, keep in mind that clinical trials saw “moderate regrowth” in just 19% of the patients treated with it. Minoxidil opens up blood vessels which seems to help hair follicle function. This is possibly the best treatment if you have genetic female pattern or male pattern hair loss.

This foam formula only needs to be applied once a day. Don’t wash your hair for at least 4 hours after applying it. It can take up to 12 weeks to see a noticeable increase in hair growth. But don’t stop using the Rogaine when you see results if you want the growth to continue.

If you have hair loss from childbirth or illness, Rogaine probably isn’t the answer for you.

Hair Restoration Procedure or hair transplantation

It is the process which hair re-growth occurs on the scalp and the best part is that there is no linear scarring on the head. The area is made numb using a local anesthesia and the hair follicles that are left in the scalp are first removed from the scalp. This is done at the back of the head solely because the follicles here exist for a lifetime. It takes about 3 months for the hair to regrow, untill about the eight month after the treatment, the hair grows thick.

A hair grafting process also known as hair transplantation is the micro grafting process. About 1-2 hairs per graft are transplanted in this method within the surgeon’s clinic. It is definitely a surgical method and quite complex as compared to the other mentioned here. Local anesthesia is given to the patient and then sedation after the process for their comfort and to ease the pain. This is suggested for people who either have an extreme case of hair loss or else there is less number of active hair follicles on their scalp. It is a permanent solution and one that calls for an expensive surgery.