4 Signs You’re Losing Your Hair

Hair loss refers to the loss of hair from one’s body, usually occurring on the head. Fortunately, there are early tell-tale signs to determine if one is facing hair loss. Simply look no further than your hairline, and then the bathroom floor…

  • Wider partings

Your partings could indicate hair loss. This is done ascertaining if your hair parting has widened or you have to adjust your method of parting your hair. This might mean thinning of the hair on the top of the scalp.

  • Receding hairline/more visible scalp

Besides that, your hairline offers tell-tale signs of hair loss as well. By pulling your hair away from your forehead, you should be able to determine if your hairline is receding backwards. You might also find that your scalp has become more conspicuous. If at least either one is the case, then it’s safe to say that hair loss has befallen you.

  • A comb-ful of hair

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Unless you’ve been tugging on your hair with a very fine-toothed comb, there should be no reason that your comb is choked with hair every time you brush or comb your hair. If the amount of hairs in your comb has never been that many, it is a sign that your hair is falling due to weakened roots.

  • Bathroom plug full of hair

Moreover, you can look no further than the plug in your bathroom as well for signs of hair loss. You’re likelier to be afflicted with hair loss if you find the plug congested with hair. This can be affirmed if you’re living alone thus with nobody else’s hair being present in your residence or you know the hairs in the plug are certainly yours.

Naturally, hair loss can be distressing, as it has a negative bearing on appearance. Hair is viewed as a critical part of overall identity; women regard it as a symbol of femininity as well as beauty, while men stereotypically link a full head of hair with youth and vigour. Regardless, discussing it in the first place creates discomfort, let alone seeking treatment.

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